Decapod Crustaceans Gallery

Grass Shrimp (Palaemonetes pugio)

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White Shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus)

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Brown Shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus)

Brown Shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus), Trawl (c) Guy 2014-2015

Blue Crab (Callinectes sapidus)

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Lesser Blue Crab (Callinectes similis)

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Mud Crabs (Xanthidae spp)

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Fiddler Crabs (Uca spp.)

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Marsh Crabs (Sesarma spp.)

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Fishes Gallery

Achiridae(American soles)

Hogchoker (Trinectes maculatus)

Hogchoker (Trinectes maculatus), Juvenile, Trawl (courtsey of William Wood)

Hogchoker (Trinectes maculatus), Adult, Trawl (courtsey of William Wood)

Antherinopsidae (Silversides)

Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia)

Atlantic Silverside (Menidia menidia), Juvenile, Trawl – Note silver lateral stripe, and small supraterminal mouth, yellowish pigmentation on head, lobed tail and inline placement of dorsal and anal fins (c) Guy 2015

Belonidae (Needlefish)

Atlantic Needlefish (Strongylura marina)

Atlantic Needlefish (Strongylura marina), Trawl North River 2014, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Batrachoididae (Toadfish)

Oyster Toadfish (Opsanus tau)

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Bothidae/Paralichthyidae (Flounders)

Bay Whiff (Citharichthys spilopterus)

Bay Whiff (Citharichthys spilopterus), Juvenile, Trawl – note low arched lateral line, (courtsey of William Wood)

Fringed Flounder (Etropus crossotus)

Fringed Flounder (Etropus crossotus), Adult, Trawl -note small mouth (courtsey of William Wood)

Southern Flounder (Paralichthys lethostigma)

Example of Juvenile Southern Flounder (43 mm SL)

Southern Flounder(Paralichthys lethostigma) Subadult, Trawl Jekyll Island, 2014, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Summer Flounder (Paralichthys dentatus)

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Cynoglossidae (Tonguefish)

Blackcheek Tonguefish (Symphurus plagiusa)

Blackcheek Tonguefish (Symphurus plagiusa), Adult, Trawl, (c) Guy 2013-2015


Cyprinodontidae (Pupfish)

Sheepshead Minnow (Cyprinodon variegatus)

Sheepshead Minnow (Cypronodon variegatus) , Sapelo Island, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Carangidae (Jacks)

Caranx Spp.

Jack Species, Juvenile, Seine, Sapelo Island (c) Guy 2015

Atlantic Bumper (Chloroscombrus chrysurus)

Atlantic Bumper (Chloroscombrus chrysurus), Trawl 2014, (c) 2014-2015

Crevalle Jack (Caranx hippos)

Crevalle Jack (Caranx hippos), Juvenile, Trawl- Pigment has faded, but note black spot on gill cover and striations which would be darker. (c) Guy 2015

Example of Crevalle Jack (Caranx hippos), Adult

Lookdown (Selene volmer)

Lookdown (Selene volmer), Juvenile, Trawl (c) Guy 2013-2015

Example of Lookdown (Selene volmer), Adult

Clupeidae (Herrings)

Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus)

Atlantic Menhaden (Brevoortia tyrannus), Trawl, (c) Guy 2013-2015

Blueback Herring (Alosa aestivalis)

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Diodontidae (Burrfish)

Striped Burrfish (Chilomycterus schoepfi)

Striped Burrfish, Juveniles, (c) 2014-2015

Striped Burrfish (Chilomycterus schoepfi), Juveniles, (c) 2014-2015

Example of Striped Burrfish, Adult

Elopidae (Ladyfish)

Ladyfish (Elops saurus)

Ladyfish (Elops saurus), Larva, Trawl (c) Guy 2013-2015

Ladyfish (Elops saurus), Sapelo Island, Seine (C) Guy 2014-2015

Engraulidae (Anchovies)

Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli)

Bay Anchovy (Anchoa mitchilli) Adult, Trawl 2014, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Striped Anchovy (Anchoa hepsetus)

Striped Anchovy (Anchoa hepsetus), Adult. The pink hue is an artifact of preservation and would be closer to translucent. Larger than Bay Anchovy with more pointed snout and broad, eye-size, silver stripe. (Image is Public Domain)

Ephippidae (Spadefish)

Atlantic Spadefish (Chaetodipterus faber)

Atlantic Spadefish (Chaetodipterus faber) , Juvenile, Trawl 2014, Mackay River, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Atlantic Spadefish (Chaetodipterus faber), Adult, Hook & Line, (courtesy of William Wood)

Fundulidae (Killifishes)

Marsh Killifish (Fundulus confluentus)

Marsh Killifish (Fundulus confluentus), 44 mm, note dark barring, and ocellated spot at the back of the dorsal fin (Male mummichog can have spot too). Photo courtesy of Keith Morrin

Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus)

Mummichog(Fundulus heteroclitus), (female), Sapelo Island, (c) Guy 2013-2015

Mummichog (Fundulus heteroclitus) Male, Sapelo Island, (c) Guy 2013-2015

Striped Killifish (Fundulus majalis)

Female (top), Male (Bottom), Striped Killifish (Fundulus majalis) – Collected Sapelo Island, Seine (c) Guy 2014-2015


Gerridae (Majorra)

Spotfin Majorra (Eucinostomus argenteus)

Spotfin Majorra (Eucinostomus argenteus), larva, trawl (c) Guy 2015

Spotfin Majorra (Eucinostomus argenteus), Adult, Photo By Gerald Allen



Skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus)

Skilletfish (Gobiesox strumosus), post-larval, trawl Altamaha River (c) Guy 2014-2015


Gobiidae (Gobies)

Freshwater Goby (Ctenogobius shufeldti)

Freshwater Goby (Ctenogobius shufeldti), Adult, Trawl (c) Guy 2015

Lyre Goby (Evorthodus lyricus)

Lyre Goby (Evorthodus lyricus), Early Juvenile, Trawl, (c) Guy 2015

Naked Goby (Gobiosoma bosc)

Naked Goby (Gobiosoma bosc), note barring patterns might be faint and are easier seen looking down dorsally on fish. Photo courtesy of Hassan-Williams, C., T.H. Bonner and C. Thomas (photogr.), 2007.


Haemulidae (Grunts)

Pigfish (Orthopristis chrysoptera)

Pigfish (Orthopristis chrysoptera), Juvenile, Trawl – Note horizontal dorsal and lateral striations, (c) Guy 2015

Pigfish (Orthopristis chrysoptera), Adult, captivity (c) Guy 2013-2015

Ictaluridae (Catfish)

Brown Bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus)

Brown Bullhead (Ameiurus nebulosus), Trawl, Darien River, (c) Guy 2015


White Catfish (Ameiurus catus)




White Catfish (Ameiurus catus), Juvenile, Trawl Altamaha River, (c) Guy 2015

White Catfish, Adult (Ameiurus catus), Trawl, South Altamaha River, (c) Guy 2015

Labrisomidae (Labrisomid Blennies)

Hairy Blenny (Labrisomus nuchipinnis)

Hairy Blenny (Labrisomus nuchipinnis), Male, Hook & Line, St. Simons Island Pier (courtesy of Jennifer G. Aumiller, April 2015)


Monacanthidae (Filefish)

Planehead Filefish (Stephanolepis hispidus)

Planehead Filefish (Stephanolepis hispidus), Juvenile, Trawl (c) 2014-2015


Mugiliade (Mullets)

Striped Mullet

Striped Mullet (Mugil cephalus), Adult, Sapelo Island, Seine (c) Guy 2014-2015


White Mullet (Mugil curema)

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Poeciliidae (Mollies)

Sailfin Molly (Poecilia latipinna)

Sailfin Molly (Poecilia latipinna), Male, Public Domain


Pomatomidae (Bluefish)

Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix)

Bluefish (Pomatomus saltatrix), Subadult, Sapelo Island Seine (c) Guy 2015


Sciaendiae (Drums & Croakers)

Spot (Leiostomus xanthurus)

Spot (Leistomus xanthurus), Juvenile, Trawl – note spot just above pectoral fin, vertical striations on dorsal side, truncate tail, blunt nose, and subterminal mouth (c) Guy 2015

Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus)

Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonias undulatus), Early Juvenile, Trawl – Note none-truncate tail, heavy pigmentation and non-snub nose with subterminal mouth. (c) Guy 2015

Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonius undulatus), Juvenile, Sapelo Isand GA (c) Guy 2014-2015

Atlantic Croaker (Micropogonius undulatus), Juvenile, Trawl (c) Guy 2013-2015

Silver Perch (a.k.a Yellow Tail) (Bairdiella chrysoura,)

Silver Perch (Bairdiella chrysoura), Early Juvenile, Trawl – Note yellowish hue, truncate tail, terminal mouth. (c) Guy 2015

Silver Perch Juvenile (Bairdiella chrysoura), Trawl, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus)

Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus), Post-Larval, Trawl 2014, (c) 2014-2015

Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus) Juvenile, Trawl 2014, (c) Guy 2014-2015


Spotted Seatrout (Cynoscion nebulosus)(1 Adult, 2 YoY Juveniles), Sapelo Island Seine 2014 (c) Guy 2014-2015

Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis)

Weakfish (Cynoscion regalis), early Juvenile, Trawl, (c) Guy 2015

Silver Seatrout (Cynoscion nothus)

Silver Seatrout (Cynoscion nothus) Juvenile, Trawl – Note barring, lanceloete tail, 2014, (C) Guy 2014-2015

Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus)

Red Drum (Sciaenops ocellatus), Subadult, Sapelo Island, Seine 2014, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Southern Kingfish (Menticirrhus americanus)

Southern Kingfish (Mentricirrhus americanus), Juveniles, Trawl (c) Guy 2014-2015

Star Drum (Stellifer lanceolatus)

Star Drum (Stellifer lanceolatus), Adult, notice the triangular shape of tail compared to silver perch’s truncate tail.


Serranidae (Groupers, Seabass)

Black Seabass (Centropristis striata)

Black Seabass (Centropristis striata) , Juvenile, Minnow Trap (c) Guy 2013-2015

Rock Seabass (Centropristis philadelphica)

Rock Seabass (Centropristis philadelphica), Adult, Minnow Trap (c) Guy 2013-2015


Stromateidae (Butterfish)

Harvestfish (Peprilus paru)

Harvest Fish, Jekyll River, Trawl (Peprilus paru) (c)Guy 2014-2015


Sparidae (Porgies)

Pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides)

Pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides), post-larval, trawl Harris Neck NWR, (c) 2014-2015

Pinfish (Lagodon rhomboides), Adult, Captive (c) Guy 2013-2015


Syngnathidae (Piperfish)

Chain Pipefish (Syngnathus louisianae)

Examples of Adult Chain Pipefish and Patterns

Northern Pipefish (Syngnathus fuscus)

Northern Pipefish (Syngnathus fuscus), Juvenile, (c) Guy 2014-2015

Northern Pipefish (Syngnathus fuscus), Trawl, (c) Guy 2015

Gulf Pipefish (Syngnathus scovelli)

Gravid female, Gulf Pipefish (Syngnathus scovelli), Trawl (c) Guy 2014-2015


Synodontidae (Lizardfish)

Inshore Lizardfish (Synodus foetens)

Inshore Lizardfish (Synodus foetens), subadult, Trawl, Mackay River, (c) Guy 2015

Tetradontidae (Puffers)

Northern Puffer (Sphoeroides maculatus)

Northern Puffer (Sphoeroides maculatus), Juvenile, Trawl (c) Guy 2015


Triglidae (Searobins)

Prionotus spp.

Prionotus spp. Early juvenile, Trawl (c) Guy 2015

Leopard Searobin (Prionotus scitulus)

Leopard Searobin (Prionotus scitulus), Juvenile, Trawl (c) Guy 2015

Northern Searobin (Prionotus carolinus)

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