First Round Completed

Nanny Goat Beach, Sapelo Island, GA

We completed our first round(visiting each of our trawl sites) of broad-scale sampling on May 3, 2015.  Things went as smoothly as we could have possibly asked for, thanks in part to the relatively quiet weather for the round. Spring on the coast, much like elsewhere in the U.S., can be plagued by energetic frontal storm systems.  Sampling in high wind, high surf, pouring rain and lightening is at the least difficult, and obviously dangerous.  In 2014 we had nearly  a full week of weather  that kept us landlubbers in our first round. This year we have had better luck.

Of course, this called for a little celebration. A low country boil was in order at the end of

Low Country Boil

the round. This is a spicy mixture of shrimp, blue crab, kielbasa sausage, potatoes and corn.  Yes, I realize I am eating two species I am studying. No, they did not come from our samples. Yes, they are delicious!

With luck, we’ll be able to complete four full rounds this season rather than 3, but I will take 3 happily, too!  We spent a little time on Sapelo Island scouting sites for the fine-scale work that UGA undergrad, Kelly Powers, will be conducting around the beginning of June for her Senior Thesis.

Our species list has expanded considerably with a few species we have never detected in our nets before (listed at the bottom of the post).

Please have a look at the latest updates to the website, including the science, methods, and support pages! There are also two new pages in the works including an list of links to external coastal resources, and a gallery that will show the different stages and sizes of fish we capture. Early juvenile fish (post-larval) can look drastically different from the adults, making identification tricky. I think I will dedicate a post to that later!

Blueback Herring (juvenile)


Species Observed So Far in 2015

  1. Spot
  2. Atlantic Croaker
  3. Summer Flounder
  4. Grass Shrimp
  5. White Shrimp
  6. Pistol Shrimp
  7. Blue Crab
  8. Lesser Blue Crab
  9. Naked Goby
  10. Bay Anchovy
  11. Northern Sea Robin
  12. Black-cheeked Tonguefish
  13. Mud Crabs
  14. Atlantic Brief Squid
  15. Brown Bullhead
  16. Oyster Toadfish
  17. Green Porcelain Crab (Invasive)
  18. Southern Flounder
  19. Bay Whiff
  20. Brown Shrimp
  21. Mantis Shrimp
  22. Northern Pipefish
  23. Chain Pipefish
  24. Fiddler Crab
  25. Marsh Crab
  26. Spotted Seatrout
  27. Silver Seatrout
  28. Weakfish
  29. Silver Perch (aka Yellow Tail)
  30. Pigfish
  31. Pinfish
  32. Blueback Herring
  33. Striped Searobin
  34. Ladyfish
  35. Cannonball Jellyfish
  36. Planehead Filefish
  37. Freshwater Goby
  38. Darter Goby
  39. Lyre Goby
  40. Clupeiformes
  41. Bluefish
  42. White Catfish