Back in Action!! Field Season 2015

We’re back!!

After a hiatus that included yours truly qualifying for candidacy in March, we are back in action.

This season we have two new field crew members, Will and Katie.

Matt, our 2014 technician, moved on to new and exciting adventures in California and Utah after the field season ended. We wish him the best and are enjoying seeing the fish he’s collecting in the Colorado River.

We’ve already had about 5 days of sampling under our belts, and have captured some species that are ‘new to our net.’  The gnats are, as predicted, awful but we’ve been capturing many more blue crab than we did the year before which is pretty good news for the crab fishers! I am happy to say they swam happily(?) away from the ordeal.

One of our new species is a fairly common fish known to freshwater catfish anglers, the brown bullhead.  Careful when picking these guys up, they have spines on those fins that jab.

Perhaps the coolest catch was a pistol shrimp, which will be featured in our catch of the day!


So far our catches have included 17 species:

  1. Spot
  2. Atlantic Croaker
  3. Summer Flounder
  4. Grass Shrimp
  5. White Shrimp
  6. Pistol Shrimp
  7. Blue Crab
  8. Lesser Blue Crab
  9. Naked Goby
  10. Bay Anchovy
  11. Northern Sea Robin
  12. Black-cheeked Tonguefish
  13. Mud Crabs
  14. Atlantic Brief Squid
  15. Brown Bullhead
  16. Oyster Toadfish
  17. Green Porcelain Crab (Invasive)


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