A month..

August was…well, a month that came and went without a post.  I will give a quick update to all the goings on since July.  From roughly August 1 – August 21 I was busy with the American Fisheries Society Annual Meeting preparation and attendance. This year it was in Quebec City, Quebec from August 16 – August 22.  I spent the first two weeks of August preparing my data and creating the poster I would present.  My analysis consisted of creating a model to describe the relationship of white shrimp (Litopenaeus setiferus) to the salt marsh and projecting that model into the future to predict potential habitat loss due to sea level rise.  While the model is still preliminary the results were pretty stark.

The meeting itself was fantastic. I attended many great talks that got the gears turning in my head on the estuarine ecosystem, thinking about it in new ways that may give me new insight into the system. I was also fortunate that the 38th Annual Larval Fish Conference was concurrently taking place. I learned a good deal about the latest research, methods, and theories on study of fishes in their early life stages.

Oh, and the food in Quebec City? Splendid. The city itself was beautiful.

Upon returning, we started sampling round Number 3. And, as usual we were plagued with the common field problems – Hurricane Cristobal creating dangerous surf, and then the oysters tearing head-sized holes in my net and chewing through the bridle. Then, a slow moving storm front has sat over us for the last 3 -4 days, rendering us landlubbers once again.

The days grow shorter, and our field season is quickly drawing to an end. I am still optimistic we will finish this final round off completely.

Eight days done, ten more to go.

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