No word from Ellis Marine yet about my trailer. I realized too late that maybe it would have made more sense just to see what they had for sale there.

We spent our time getting data ready for analysis, in hopes that we are going to be able to finish this round. Matt has been learning ArcGIS in the process, which is a great.

In the afternoon we went to one of the local fishing spots where Matt observed mostly locals going. I wanted to see who showed up, and where they came from, and if I could get them to tell me, how often they were there. This is important for the social portion of my research.  We went at low tide to two hours after, as local conventional wisdom has that that window of time is one of the preferred times to fish.  Of course we brought our fishing poles so we didn’t look completely creepy.  It was hot on unshaded concrete, my phone actually overheated. Yet, as observed, there were quite a few people that came in that were local to fish (only one pair were tourists).

I’ve done this before at other piers. What I found difficult at this pier was the amount of space between myself and the other fishers. Physical space makes it awkward to just casually strike up a conversation about what’s biting, and then dip into ‘are you from around here?’ kinds of questions.  Some were receptive to it, and some less so.  I’m trying to imagine how this will work when we are ‘live’ to try and solicit for interviews.



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