Thank you, Dorset Hurley

There are a lot of people I should be thanking for helping me along the way. But today, it’s DNR Sapelo Island National Estuarine Research Reserve Research Coordinator (that’s a mouthful), Dorset Hurley.


Long story short, by mere chance Dorset called yesterday to make arrangements for the Island research that I will be doing in a couple of weeks. I told him of my trailer woes. He generously responded by telling me there were empty trailers that weren’t in use on the mainland by the Meridian Dock. He even scoped one out after Matt sent him pictures of our trailer’s cribbing. Told us to meet us at 7:30, and well…now we have a trailer to use as long as we need it and a boat.


We are back in business! Just in time, too, because Dr. Nibbelink (my adviser), is on his way to see what we are up to for research.


What am I going to do if/when Dorset retires?!

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